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      Shanxi thermal coal trades stagnate at N China ports

      sxcoal.com Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal 2019-03-28 12:00:35

      Trading activities for thermal coal from Shanxi province were at a low ebb at China's northern ports, as the material wa......

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      Buying activity of spot thermal coal gathered pace in northern Chinese ports, bolstering further price rebound of the fossil fuel following fortnight drops. Fenwei assessed 5,500 Kcal/kg

      2 China utility issues fresh tender for Indonesian low-CV thermal coal 2019-08-20

      One major state-owned Chinese utility issued a fresh tender for Indonesian thermal coal with low calorific values at the first day of the week, according to traders familiar with the matter.

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      6 China Coal Daily Track (Aug 19) 2019-08-19

      Thermal coal Production area Some mines in Shaanxi saw full stocks lately amid dull sales given off-peak production measures at cement and chemical plants. Prices fell down in Yuyang and Shenmu

      7 Chinese thermal coal traders halt sales; uptick may not last 2019-08-19

      Chinese traders generally suspended selling activity of spot thermal coal at northern transfer ports late last week, in a hope to see further price rise in the spot market to raise their profits.

      8 China import thermal coal market stays weak despite utility purchases 2019-08-19

      China's seaborne import thermal coal market remained weak late last week even after one state-owned utility went on a shopping spree. Guodian bought about 1 million tonnes of thermal coal

      9 Coal-loving Australia is world's 3rd biggest emissions exporter 2019-08-19

      Australia's booming coal industry has made it the world's third-biggest exporter of potential carbon dioxide emissions locked in fossil fuels, placing it only behind oil giants Russia and Saudi Arabia

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      India's Jun coal import rises 29% to 24 mln T India's coal imports increased by 28.7% to 24.14 million tonnes in June on the back of softening of non-coking coal prices in the international m

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      Mechel, one of the leading Russian mining and metals companies, signed annual contracts for coking coal supplies with two Chinese steel giants, the company said on its website. The supply

      3 Typhoon and rainstorms affect thermal coal handling at N China ports 2019-08-13

      Thermal coal loadings have been affected greatly at northern China ports since last weekend, disrupted by Typhoon Lekima and consequent torrential rains. Both inbound rail deliveries and

      4 Indonesian low-CV coal falls below $40 CFR China 2019-08-12

      CFR price of Indonesian 3,800 Kcal/kg NAR coal, the most favored grade for Chinese utilities, has dropped below the $40/t threshold late last week following seven sessions of declines. On

      5 China's import thermal coal market set for a new week of downside 2019-08-13

      China's seaborne import thermal coal market is set for a new week of declines, as power producers' buying appetite seemed to be subduing amid high inventory and low consumption, in addition to import

      6 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2019-08-13

      Thermal coal prices have been sliding down in China since early this month, hit by weak purchase from power plants alongside rainy and typhoon weather that reduced air-conditioning demand in the coast

      7 Sellers pull back from import thermal coal trades into China 2019-08-14

      Foreign miners and Chinese traders pulled back from thermal coal trades in Chinese seaborne import market, owing to poor demand and increased trade risks. Transactions have been rather du

      8 Chinese thermal coal prices keep going down amid waning demand 2019-08-12

      Chinese spot thermal coal market ended a bearish week with further losses at northern transfer ports, as downstream demand remained sluggish on the whole. On August 9, Fenwei CCI index fo

      9 Import policy likely to steer China's spot thermal coal market, analysts 2019-08-13

      The future trend of China's spot thermal coal market is likely to be largely influenced by the country's stance on import coal policy, which may significantly affect the supply-demand relation in dome

      10 Chinese thermal coal comes under pressure for fear of spontaneous combustion 2019-08-15

      Chinese thermal coal prices were still under downward pressure on concern that waterlogged coal piled up at northern ports might self-ignite after the weather clears up. "Rain-soak

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